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Choose the right spot delivery vendor with these 4 simple rules

The spot delivery market is a crowded space – which is great news if you’re looking for a preferred vendor to distribute your ads, as there’s so much choice available. But, finding the right service that fits your brand or agency can be tricky. That’s why we’ve outlined these four simple steps to help you make the best choice.

Four key questions to ask before engaging with a vendor:

1 - Services

Do you just need delivery of spot content or are you looking for a total media solution?

ALL the companies out there provide a digital delivery service of TV spots to TV stations in the markets they are connected to.

The majority of companies ALSO provide basic post production, transcoding and production services too e.g. re-slating, closed captioning, V/O etc. Some have also diversified to provide the delivery of content to other media platforms to support online digital and programmatic campaigns. These services usually come with full analytical reporting.

If it’s only delivery you need, stay focused. Don’t be seduced by the vendor tempting you with all the bells and whistles when all you need is a bell.


2 - Footprint

Is the vendor digitally connected to the locations on your media buy?

Sending digital content throughout the USA and Canada to the UK, mainland Europe and to Australia and New Zealand is generally straight forward as these markets have been fully digital for a while. The true global vendors are connected directly to all major markets with their own network. The “wannabe” global vendors have partners in each market to fulfill the client order, rather than their own delivery network.

The benefits of working with a global vendor for a global campaign – rates are (fairly) simple, workflow seamless and invoicing clean. However, if you are managing a campaign with media buy solely for North America, it’s seriously worth considering only those vendors that are set up to manage deliveries specifically to these two markets.


3 - Likeability

Do you LIKE the vendor and account manager assigned to your account?

It is very important to have a good relationship with the partners / vendors you work with. In this day and age with delivery considered a commodity, it is evident that ALL vendors in the market promote their “better than the rest” customer service levels. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people just connect. Sadly some don’t, and as long as your chosen vendor is reliable, communicates well and your account manager has got your back, you are in a good place.


4 - Cost

How important is cost to you over service?

Yes delivery is now a commodity. Gone are the days of $250 SD - $500 HD spot delivery fees. (SD, what the heck is that I hear [some of] you say… Never mind…).The delivery of HD spot content can be as low as $15 (volume dependent). Some companies are able to offer incredibly low delivery rates and make up revenue with add-ons’ like rush fees, asset management, transcodes. With any vendor or trusted partner, be sure to ask for a quote before any job is executed so you are not hit with a surprise invoice.


To conclude:

Foresyte Media understands that you may have a great working relationship with your current vendor / partner but competition is good and has a positive impact to the spot delivery ecosystem. Without competitors and the advancement of technology any market would simply stay stagnant. There are some exciting players in the US right now. Check them out, give them a call and see who is the best fit for your next tv spot campaign.


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