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ONLINE Conference Season is about to Kick Off - are you ready?

Many conferences towards the end of Q1, were postponed and then cancelled. A few events have chosen to go on line. There are many online talks and webinars, but let’s face it, there have always been LOTS of online talks to attend but during life pre COVID-19 there was NEVER ENOUGH time to attend these talks. Now, we have almost “all the time in the world” but you have to choose wisely so as to not be left feeling drained from an hour webinar where you have not learned anything. Many of these talks say the same things, use the same buzzwords, have the same inconclusive summaries.

Our sister company, Conference Concierge, is working to prepare a list of talks /webinars that our clients would find interesting.

We’ve attended many talks over the past several weeks and, assuming you enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations that leave you motivated to take on the world, we would absolutely recommend the majority of talks hosted by AdAge and also those presented by Marketing Week. Both online publications attract great guests on their panels and have some high caliber one on ones e.g


Conference Concierge, lists all industry conferences that are taking place online, or in the flesh later this year. The ones to watch over the next couple of months :

NAB Express 13 - 14 May

MESA HITS - 27 May

AICP - 9 - 11 June

(Cannes) Lions Live : Creativity Matters - 22 - 26 June


"Cannes Lions is going LIVE and it’s FREE to join. Just BYO rose"


The Online / Virtual Events are going to be super interesting. Cannes Lions is going LIVE and it’s FREE to join. Just BYO rose ;) NAB has created it’s online experience with NAB Express and the lovely Team at MESA is going online with their Spring HITS West Coast. Plus the AICP is providing FREE access to their award shows in early

We at CC and FSM, are huge online advocates. It is going to be fascinating to see how these large events execute their online versions. Many of these events have opted for FREE attendance and paid sponsorship. How that will affect the future of their physical events? Well, only time will tell…

What are your thoughts of conferences going online? What are the ramifications for the physical events when the world is finally able to travel again? Will this new way of doing things (quick fix), have longer term implications for how conferences are executed and we as delegates attend them? We would love to know your thoughts.

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