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How you doing?

Well, it’s been a while since we sent out a newsletter or wrote an article. It is difficult to keep up a regular newsletter schedule during the best of times, then along came COVID-19 – talk about a motivation killer …

Chaz Hutton -

We are all dealing with the current state of the world in our own way. Having talked to many friends, family and colleagues around the world, it is clear that each country and each city is dealing with this pandemic in its own way, following the governments guidelines and then (most of the time), getting creative. Here in Merida, Yucatan, the lockdown has been pretty severe including fines or arrests for not wearing face masks in public, not allowed out of the house for non-essential errands (which seems to include walking a dog…), 2 people per private car (driver in front and passenger in back) and the banning of alcohol because, by drinking we would be social and by being social we would spread COVID-19 unwittingly to the wider population... It has also been hot as hell here too – 100F+s most days. Which is great to be working from home in that heat, as long as you have AC and / or a pool, (beaches remain closed). But being that hot by the pool, without a margarita or a glass rose in your hand, come on…!

But, we must do what we can to flatten the curve, and life and business must continue. So here we are trying to get back into the habit of writing a regular monthly newsletter and regular articles.

So here we go...!

It’s interesting to know what is happening in other parts of the world during these times and not just the UK, Europe and the USA. As we work predominantly with Latin American companies, we have interviewed our partners, clients and colleagues in various cities in LatAm to shed some light on how people are managing throughout this vast region. The articles will be published in our monthly newsletter and available on here, our Company Blog, and also published on Little Black Book.

Our first Q&A session is with our partners in Brazil, A+ Productions. We will also look at the pros and cons of conferences moving online with FREE access for all and provide some recommendations of upcoming talks and webinars.

Please enjoy, and as always, please send us your feedback.

América Invertida is a 1943 pen and ink drawing by Joaquín Torres García.

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