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What's Next ? = WHEXT

We were fortunate to get several minutes with the incredibly talented, and busy, Team at Whext. The show is in its second year and is set to be better than ever. This is one Latin American Creative Festival that should be on your industry calendar. READ ON to find out why...

What - Whext

Where - CCB – Centro Brasileiro Britânico, Ferreira de Araújo, 741 Pinheiros, São Paulo, 05428-002

When - Thursday 24th - Friday 25th October 2019

Q - It is such a great concept and so important to put LatAm and especially brasil on the creative map. How did you come up with the idea for WHEXT? Who came up with the format for the conference?

A - WHEXT was born of a concern of the producers to discuss the future, to think about new business models. Without forgetting what allowed us to get here, at this point of quality and excellence in production. Bringing for the first time, producers as protagonists of this story to exchange experiences, develop their knowledge and discuss the future of this dynamic market. In the process of building and branding the event, we have counted on the partnership of Tatil Design. Renowned in planning and design office in Brazil, which also worked on the development of the Rio2016 Olympic Brand & Trophy.

Q - You attracted some great speakers 2018, who have you invited this time?

A - We continue with our great partnership with the London Film Academy and D&AD to assist us in curating the event. However, for now we can not disclose the names yet, but will soon be available on our website. Q - What type of discussions do you hope to spark at this years event? A - This year our goal is to continue our relentless seach for the “What’s Next?” bringing the latest and most intriguing ideas on the market. The event was thought over 4 strategic pillars: Social Impact / Shared Economy / New Digital / Experience - Storytelling.

Brasilian Flag

Q - Who are you most excited to see at this years event? A - It’s hard to pick just one, we want to see it all!

Q - If you had to sum up WHEXT in one sentence, what would it be? A - That’s an easy one: WHAT'S NEXT?

Q - Obviously, not everyone can win an award. So, what do you hope attendees will go back home with after the Festival?

A - Of course the awards are very important, but WHEXT is so much more than this! It’s a great celebration of the whole crew, as it is a festival whose mission is to give the spotlight to those who usually do not have it. In the end, everyone is happy!

NFL and Grey @ WHEXT 2018

Q - Can you give us any hints as to the winners of this years WHEXT Creative awards ;)

A - Although we like spoilers, this one we cannot give you! Q - Where can we buy tickets?

A - The tickets are available HERE

Local Musicians at WHEXT 2018

Q - What are your Top Tips for the Two day event?

A - Download the app, study the programming in advance, as we will have 3 rooms with simultaneous activities, and some of them need RSVP first. Also, get there early and don't be in a hurry to leave! From the start of the day, with the first talks, through the business roundtables and even a drink with that producer that you admire at the end of the day, it doesn’t happen quite often! Q - For first timers to SP, what are the top 5 must sees in this grandiose city? A - São Paulo is a whole Universe, a clash of completely different cultures, which makes the city's cultural program buzz from Monday to Monday. The universal cuisine is a plus ... this city can bring together some distant continents in one corner! And of course we have the rich and flavorous Brazilian cousine!

I would say: Gastronomy, Museums, Music, Parties and most importantly: the people! And if you have time, be sure to visit a street fair and taste the traditional “pastel” (it’s a kind of crispy fried dough with many different fillings to choose from).

Matt Miller speaking at WHEXT 2018

To BOOK your delegate pass to WHEXT check out Conference Concierge HERE

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