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Conference Season is About to Kick Off - Are You Ready?!

September has thirteen industry events scheduled around the world for people and businesses involved in advertising, broadcast, marketing and production.

The Team at Conference Concierge, our sister company, has put together some fun facts about the events that will be held across the USA, Canada, Japan, UK and Europe this month.

- Did you know that many of the Industry Events next month are in their 5th decade? That’s definitely older than our founder ;)

- Advertising Week New York has almost 100K registered delegates...! That’s incredible. Think about that for a second. One Hundred Thousand advertising professionals taking over Manhattan for a week in September. That’s a lot of networking and schmoozing opportunity with amazingly talented people.

If you haven’t already made plans to attend the September Industry Conferences, there is still time. Check out the Conference Concierge platform and search for events based on geo location or specific key worlds like marketing, digital media etc. Plus if you want to stay ahead, you can also search for events taking place over the next 12 months.

We will be releasing additional fun facts ahead of the October Conferences. One not to be missed event is the ANA Masters of Marketing 2 - 5 October in Orlando. Our Teams have attended this event for the last 4 years. It is the Cannes Lions to the CMOs of the world. In our opinion, the ANA Masters sets the tone for all other marketing and advertising focused conferences over the coming 12 months. Read more HERE

The Ultimate Conference Directory for industry professionals in the advertising, broadcast and production industries.

The web-based and mobile friendly platform allows users to search over 100 industry events in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia, based on certain key criteria. Based on business objectives, the Team guides clients as to which events should be attended and in what capacity (delegate, speaker, exhibitor). The Team is also available on the ground at key events to help navigate the conference floors and organize client agendas accordingly.

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