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Who is Who in the US Content Distribution Market?

Since our post May 2018 “Industry Spotlight – Vendor Comparison” May 2018, we received much feedback from clients (agencies, brands and vendors) and have now updated the comparison. This chart includes two new additions – Syncro and Yangaroo.

Many companies offer digital delivery of spot, video and commercial content to TV stations and networks throughout the USA and overseas. In this article we take a look at key players in the USA market - identifying their expertise, services and international reach.

Let's start with the definition of spot delivery. This refers to the digital delivery of TV commercial from a content creator (agency/brand/production company) sent to a destination (network / tv station / broadcast hub) for playout e.g. a super bowl 2019 spot aired on the CBS network. This does not refer to the delivery of ads to an online platform e.g a YouTube ad. However, as you can see from the chart, many of the listed vendors do provide this delivery service too.

Note that most of the US based vendors provide very similar services, some of them own their digital network outright. Some engage with third parties to reach the final destination. Most provide either a hands on or a hands off approach. From the agency clients that we spoke to, it seems that the brand still ultimately decides which vendor should be used to manage a campaign. For the more regional or local campaigns, the agency can make that decision.


It is definitely advisable to ‘woo’ both brands and agencies so, when it comes to crunch time, no one feels left out of the conversation


The determining factors comprise of price, footprint (connectivity), customer service, availability of support, latency and price (again). However, reach and owning that final mile delivery when compared to the level of customer service and responsiveness provided by a vendor, owning the footprint directly isn’t deemed as such an important qualifying factor. With delivery considered a commodity by many agencies and brands, it is the additional services that a company provides that sway the decision of a vendor being appointed.

There is one clear leader in the USA in this market who has 75% of all domestic deliveries. For international /global deliveries, there are two that share first place. But, despite the larger companies dominating this landscape, the smaller companies are not sitting back and giving up. They have been, and continue to be, creative and resourceful in their offerings with large loyalty bases on both coasts.


TV advertising isn’t dying. It is ever evolving and changing its shape. It is still here, and it is here to stay.


All listed vendors were contacted and agreed to participate in this comparison. If you would like more information on this segment of the market, or on a particular industry service listed on this chart, please contact Foresyte Media . Note, all vendor contact details are available online should you wish to reach out directly to any of the companies listed.


This BLOG POST has been updated

*** Tylie manages talent rights management BOTH with a direct and indirect approach depending on the need of the client. Yangaroo manage all clients talent rights management requirements with a partner.

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