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Love Them or Hate Them, MoviePass has Changed Your World

MoviePass is a technology company dedicated to enhancing the exploration of cinema. As the nation’s premier movie-theatre subscription service, MoviePass enables film enthusiasts to attend unlimited movies. The service, now accepted at more than 91% of theatres across the United States, is the nation’s largest theatre network.

Love them or hate them, they have completely disrupted the movie-theatre going experience. They have given the consumer access to cheaper theatre tickets which has increased the number of moviegoers across the USA. MoviePass has rewarded subscribers with special screenings, provided red carpet treatment to premieres and has given smaller production companies the opportunity to promote their film content.

Let’s be honest - When is being a disrupter easy and plain sailing?! These guys have vision and despite all the obstacles thrown in their path, they continue to expand and defy the haters. Movie Studios may not currently be huge fans AND certain movie theatres may not be rolling out the red carpet for them but Mitch Lowe and his Team keep pushing the boundaries to enhance the exploration of cinema.

Representing both coasts with offices in both NYC and LA, with over 65 staff this disrupter means business.

The volume of data that MoviePass has, and continues to capture, is every brand’s dream. If the movie studios would relent and explore potential partnership perhaps they would be better able to predict Box Office numbers ahead of premieres (surely every filmmaker’s dream?). Plus, the opportunity of customized targeted marketing to theatre-goers is exponential.

Yes, there have been some tough times, and yes, the membership subscription model has changed on a few occasions. There was even a ‘forced’ technical glitch in the platform for 24 hours whilst the company was struggling to secure the next round of funding. But all of this ultimately was done with the best interest of the consumer at heart.

Think of it like the BIRDS and LIME scooters in LA. We used to have to Uber everywhere in LA (let’s face it no one really walks in LA), until one day these scooters descended upon SoCal in their hundreds. All of a sudden, we were amidst a scooter frenzy. Everyone we knew was on a scooter getting to and from work, the gym, the bar, the beach. Everyone. Everywhere.

You could see these scooters on sidewalks, on roads, on the boardwalk. We loved them. They changed our world BUT then the local government decided that regulation was required as this new form of transport was causing a disruption to other transport options, plus there WAS a little safety issue (not quite the same as MoviePass…). And so now, the scooters are being pulled off the streets. But the public has tasted this new sense of freedom and wants more.

BIRDS and LIME are not giving up. They will fight to have their transport available on every street corner. Admittedly, consumers are not necessarily loyal to the Birds and Lime brand per se, they are most definitely already devotees this new hip mode of transport. The same is true with MoviePass. If MoviePass gets this right, and continues to provideconsumers with a level of service that exceeds the offerings of ‘copycat services’ by rewarding the early adopters and loyal customers, the consumer will be absolutely loyal to the MoviePass brand.

The industry is in awe of disrupters. MoviePass is here to stay. You just wait and see.

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