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Client Focus - Taking Back Control

The push for transparency, led by Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at P&G, has a global audience. However, to date, there has been little focus on Latin America. LatAm has always operated to its own rules. Despite consolidated global roll outs, most of the LatAm brands and agencies sing to their own tune, defending their actions as “We do things differently down here”. Enter Diafano, led by Diego Teran and his Team. This LatAm media focused consultancy brings the structure and support for these global changes into this region.

Image of Diego Teran, Founder of Diafano Consulting

"Taking Back Control" - We hear this so often when it comes to general market operations for brands vs agencies. Transparency has been the buzz word for the past few years. Marc Pritchard, CMO at P&G, has been leading the charge and has been speaking at many key panels around the world highlighting the importance of Advertisers Taking Back Control.

He is not a lone voice. Many large advertisers have also jumped on the bandwagon and are demanding a change in the current agency / brand relationships when it comes to media and marketing e.g AB InBev, Johnson and Johnson, Ford and Unilever to name a few.

Agencies have had control of negotiations with brands for the longest time. Up until just recently agencies would dictate the terms of the agreement, the speed of which the contract alignment and signature would take, sometimes leading to advertisers operating with their new “partner” without an MSA in place.

'This is why I launched DIAFANO, to be a resource for regional and local advertisers in Latin America that are looking for guidance on how to face these new challenges" - Diego Teran, Diafano

With their regional and industry specific knowledge plus a strategic partnership with ID COMMS, the team at Diafano is proving itself to be a crucial resource for advertisers in LatAm. Specifically for regional and local advertisers that lack a global procurement structure that is usually pushing these changes in other regions. These advertisers can now turn to DIAFANO to get a neutral POV on how to manage the constantly evolving media ecosystem.

Focusing on FOUR key areas:

- Agency Management - contracts, compensation models, SOW definition, In-housing, agency portfolio management

- Agency Selection - bringing the knowledge and expertise from Agency Management best practices into a new pitch model structure. Fast, simple and client driven, taking into consideration what agencies are looking for.

- Touch Point Optimization - efficiencies- DIAFANO has the license for Integration's MCA (Market Contact Audit), a tool that helps advertisers to optimize communication touchpoints and bring efficiencies across marcom.

- Programmatic and Technology - the most complicated area for advertisers in the region. Diafano bridges regional talent to advertisers that are looking to understand how to deal with programmatic, whether it is by creating their own buying unit or to partner with an agency.

Diafano was founded early 2018 by Diego Teran, a former advertising executive who spent his career working across Latin America. Diego has held every position within a media agency, from research to strategic media planning to regional new business development to managing an office P&L.

"I’ve witnessed all the changes related to media agencies in Latin America, their separation from creative agencies, the rise of media tools and strategy, the digitalization of the industry, and now I’m seeing the maximization of revenue through trading. I think this is just the beginning of a new model where advertisers take back more strategic media decisions in house. This is why I launched DIAFANO, to be a resource for regional and local advertisers in Latin America that are looking for guidance on how to face these new challenges" explains Diego.

Foresyte media is a key partner for Diafano bringing expertise in establishing and launching new media companies and operations in LATAM and managing multi market projects.

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